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IMAX 3D Theatre Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Here at the IMAX 3D Theatre Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina our 400-seat IMAX 3D Theatre has been designed with steeply tiered seating decks so that every person’s view of the screen is completely unobstructed.

The giant screen is more than six stories tall and measures 60 feet by 83 feet and has a slight curvature that enables the images it carries to fill viewers’ peripheral vision.

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Schools and Groups
The IMAX® 3D Theatre Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is dedicated to providing a wide range of educational large-format movies for class field trips. Whether your group is studying animals, nature, art, or science, let us help educate and entertain your class. Our educational group pricing makes the IMAX® 3D Theatre an affordable class outing.

If you happen to have any group of 20 or more (of all ages), we feature special group rates for all public shows, while groups of 30 or more may choose any film prior to the first public show of the day.

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